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How Responsive is Your Janitorial Cleaning Contractor?

So many people view janitorial cleaning as a commodity, and in many ways it is. But I have talked with enough people over the years to find out that experiences with janitorial cleaning contractors goes from extremely bad to extremely good. Most of the people I talk with that use other companies put that relationship in the lower tier. What makes the difference? I would suggest that responsiveness by the contractor to requests and other communication is key. At Summit we put the highest priority on responding to requests at the top of our list. We establish multiple levels of contact with our customer so that if a response is not fast enough with one person that you have other people to contact. As part of our proposal to our customers, they have the email addresses and cell phone numbers of their Area Manager, VP of Sales, and the Owner/President of Summit. Our Area Managers are the first line of responsibility and they respond within 1-2 hours almost all of the time.

If you have had difficulty with responsiveness from your Janitorial Cleaning contractor, please contact Summit Service Group to find out what the responsiveness should be! Call 720-320-7787 for a free, no obligation quote!

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Phone: 303-234-1633 Sales Line: 720-320-7787 Job Line: 303-605-6226 Fax: 303-234-9078

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Job Line : 719-329-4961
Sales Line: 720-320-7787

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Sales: 720-320-7787
Job Line: 303-605-6226
Main: 303-234-1633
Colorado Springs: 719-329-4961

One-Hour Response Guarantee

Our customers have a variety of ways to contact us. Our Area Managers have cell phones, texting, voicemail, and email capabilities. If you leave a voice message, text message, or email for your Area Manager, you will receive a response back within one hour guaranteed.

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